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Dreams Come True!

This was my first visit to Paris! And my man made it unforgettable and beautiful! A romantic weekend in Paris and the fulfillment of all my whims! I really was happy! My man was very generous: it was his gift, and I did not have to spend a cent! Dreams Come True!



Мы нашли друг друга)


Thank you RussianCupid

Thank you


Всем спасибо

Всем спасибо


I have found the love of my life!

I found the site very helpful. It exceeded my wildest dreams. I had nearly given up on finding love. Then I met my now husband Derek on Russian cupid in mid 2015 after a whirlwind romance(which included much international travel) we got married in the city of Perth Australia on 11th of October 2017. Before coming to this site I knew very little about Australia. I have now found the love of my life and love being in Australia. Being from a small přečtěte si více >> town in Sibera what I have experienced was unimaginable 3 years ago. I often need to stop and catch my breath and ask myself did this really happen or is this a dream? << chyba


I found my most precious person!

Thank you so much! I found my most precious person! Now we are husband and wife! 💏 P.S. Look for your destiny!🌠


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